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Any owner must understand that cockers need frequent combing, brushing, and periodic bathing and clipping in order to maintain the amount of hair that has become a trademark of the breed. They are not wash and wear dogs.

You should plan to take ten minutes a day to spend with a comb and a couple of treats with your cocker. It's a great one-on-one time with your dog, and you get those mats tackled while they are small and their removal doesn't hurt the dog. Then you need to weigh the pros and cons of whether to get the dog groomed professionally every 4 to 6 weeks or to buy the equipment and do it yourself.

Mats usually form in two ways:

From rubbing. One of the first places there will be mats is under the arms. Found, this is an easy fix - just clip out the area, it's hidden anyway.
Around foreign matter. Your dog might get food in its ears when it eats.  You can fix this problem by making snoods.  Prevention is the key. 

When you take get the dog nutered, the coat reverts to puppy texture and frequently becomes prolific. If the cocker comes from lines which did not have a lot of coat to begin with, there probably won't be a noticeable difference - but a dog who had hair when intact will have LOTS of hair when neutered.

So - before you decide a cocker is the dog for you, be sure to examine your willingness to maintain the coat on a regular basis.



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