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Most dogs need to be fed once or twice a day depending on the dog ask your veterinarian to find out how many times.  Make sure it’s the same amount of food at the same time(s) each day.  Make sure their water bowl is always full with clean fresh water.   Do not overfeed or give them sweets (like chocolate) which could cause serious problems even death or dairy products, which is hard for them to digest.


All dogs need to have their nails trimmed.   If they are not trimmed, the dog will start limping in pain.  You can have it done by a groomer or do it yourself with a special kind of dog nail clippers (you can buy them at any pet supply store or over the Internet).

Vet Visits

When you get a dog you have to have an annual check-up to make sure every thing is all right with the dog.  If you find something on the dog or with the dog that might be a problem and does not go away within three days you should also go for a visit.  The last thing you should worry about is that the dog has all its shots and make sure you know when to go and get all of them.


All dogs need to chew. If you don’t provide them with some thing to chew on they will find something.  There are a lot of things a dog can chew on like a squeaky toy, nylon bone, or rawhide.  The only problem with rawhide is that some dogs can not process it and it is not good for the intestines.


When taking your dog out keep him on a routine.  Dogs tend to learn how to housebreak faster and have a tendency to make less mistakes in the house.


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