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Here are some books that you might be interested in.  All these books are on Cocker Spaniels.  If you see one that you like click on the title and go shopping.


essential cock.gif (11341 bytes) Title:  ESSENTIAL COCKER SPANIEL
 Ian Dunbar (Editor),Winter Churchill (Photographer)
Publisher:  Howell Books
Date Published:  April 1999

Packed with interesting sidebars, these "Essential" guides discuss the special characteristics of the pet; the optimal way to feed, groom, and provide basic health care; training; and much more. Color photos.


cocker spaniels.gif (12717 bytes) Title:  COCKER SPANIELS; A COMPLETE PET OWNER'S MANUAL
Author:  Jaime J. Sucher,Matthew M. Vriends
 Barron's Educational Series, Incorporated
Date Published:  
September 1999

The Cocker is the smallest of the sporting dogs, but for years it has been just as popular as a house pet. Here is reliable advice on care and training.

This title in Barron's large selection of Complete Pet Owner's Manuals gives basic pet care information that all new pet lovers or soon-to-be animal owners need. Most titles in the series also present facts that are new even to experienced pet owners and breeders-which makes these books attractive to everybody involved with pets. The text of each manual is supplemented with many handsome, full-color photos, instructive line art, and easy-to-read tables and charts. Each manual has been individually written by a breeder, trainer, veterinarian, or experienced animal specialist. Not one of Barron's Pet Owner's Manuals is a "clone" derived from some common catch-all book. The number of pages per book varies, since the care of some animals involves many more details than the care of others.


cocker spaniels2.gif (10961 bytes) Title:  COCKER SPANIELS
Author:  Ariel Books
Publisher:  Andrews & McMeel
Date Published:  May 1997

Bred in England to flush game from dense cover, the Cocker Spaniel's intelligence and enthusiasm have made it a popular breed.


cock3.gif (10143 bytes) Title:  NEW OWNER'S GUIDE TO COCKER SPANIELS
Author:  Judy P. Iby
Publisher:  TFH Publications
Date Published:  September 1996   

With more than 150 spectacular color photographs, A New Owner's Guide to Cocker Spaniels cannot be beat for the right information presented in an enjoyable manner and covering the topics every responsible owner needs.


basic guide to cock.gif (13337 bytes)

Author:  Dace Publishing, Michael R. Zervas (Editor), Stephen W. Jones
Dace Publishing, Incorporated
Date Published:  
May 1997

Unique, marketable, and breed specific. Each title has received endorsements from well-know breed authorities, including some national breed clubs and magazines. At least 40, and sometimes as many as 80, breeders were interviewed or submitted information to create each title in the series. Other publications are usually the product of one breeder and therefore limited in scope.

Presenting 11 titles--additional titles available on a continuing basis.
Emphasis on the unique qualities of the breed.
Provides the suitability, attributes and even problems with the breed.
Features photos, pedigrees and information on the top winners in each breed.


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